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Fast forward 2 decades, and you’ll find that the price of this game is higher than Star Fox and his fleet of ships! Its $1100 price tag puts Super Weekend right at #7 on our list of the most expensive Super Nintendo games ever made.

Unlike our last entry this game did poorly in Japan but did very well here in America, selling 1.4 million copies by late 2003. The game plays by much of the rules established by the original. You engage opponents in a best two out of three matches in one on one close quarter combat.

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You must deplete your opponents vitality before the timer runs out. Packed with legendary moments like the opera-house sequence, flying a Mode-7 airship, and confronting an angelic lunatic jester, Final Fantasy III was the best role-playing game of its day – and no one has topped it yet. The last copy on the market sold on eBay for a whopping 23,000! And that, my friends, puts the Nintendo Powerfest 1994 cartridge at #1 on our list of the most expensive SNES games ever made. This puts Kunio-Kun no Dodge Ball at #6 on our list of rare Super Nintendo games.

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Another game often described as one of the best games of all time, Super Metroid is a side-scrolling action-adventure game. The game received critical acclaim for its gameplay, atmosphere, music and graphics.

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  • It’s the scene of an all-out struggle between the three main bad guy factions!
  • However, by the time you arrive, dead bodies litter the ground.
  • The goal of the hero is to find the Sword of Mana, which rests in the Mana Holyland.
  • Players can choose 3 of 6 playable heroes, with different quests depending on what main hero you select.
  • The Dragon Emperor, the Dark Prince, and the Death Jester are all out to get the sword, and depending on what hero you picked, two of them will meet their end here, setting up the survivor to be your eventual final foe.
  • That selection also has a huge impact on the events that take place in the Mana Holyland, about halfway into the game.

Expand that in all directions, and you could end up with a wacky MMO that doesn’t take itself too seriously while focusing on public events to drive forward gameplay. I mean, I don’t know how the modern world would take fighting demon toddlers, but it’d be interesting to see. If you loved video games and were looking for new and exiting things around N64 ROM games the birth of the SNES, this game was something else. Nothing had ever been quite like this, well except the original Zelda, but with the capabilities of the next gen system this game was worlds apart from its predecessor.

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